Future’s Hope…🌿

Happy National 🌱outh Day….🎓” Now India is know as a young nation. According to a servey,“Every third person in an Indian city today is a youth. In about seven years, the median individual in India will be 29 years, very likely a city-dweller, making it the youngest country in the world. “

Is this only a major achievement for our nation or can it become an opportunity? Now it’s a responsibility of every youth to develop and strengthen to their nation, and rebuilt the old valuable practicality, and make the relevance of this opportunity.

As a young citizen of India,
armed with technology, knowledge and love for my nation,
I realize, small aim is a crime.
I will work and sweat for a great vision,
the vision of transforming India into a developed nation,
powered by economic strength with value system

I am one of the citizens of the billion;
Only the vision will ignite the billion souls.
It has entered into me ;
The ignited soul compared to any resource
is the most powerful resource on the earth,
above the earth and under the earth.

I will keep the lamp of knowledge burning
to achieve the vision – Developed India
If we work and sweat for the great vision
with ignited minds, the transformation leading to
the birth of vibrant developed India will happen.

I pray the Almighty:
“May the divine peace with beauty enter into our people;
Happiness and good health blossom
in our bodies, minds and souls”.

-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Happy New year 2021…✨

Every year also brings some bad things with great things, yes,  our last year not going well.🙄 but the good thing is in that , that year has given us a longer vacation with your loved ones.❤️and add some memories in our live, with some goods and bad.😊

I hope that in this year, we get a lot of prosperity, happiness, success 😎and… also what we wanted in the last year. May you reach your destination and may your journey be great.😍

Wish y😊u a very very happy new year…😇


Song of the Open Road…🌿

Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.

Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune,
Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,
Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms,
Strong and content I travel the open road.

The earth, that is sufficient,
I do not want the constellations any nearer,
I know they are very well where they are,
I know they suffice for those who belong to them.

Still here I carry my old delicious burdens,
I carry them, men and women, I carry them with me wherever I go,
I swear it is impossible for me to get rid of them,
I am fill’d with them, and I will fill them in return.


Baat Baat Main…🌿

इस जीवन में बैठे ठाले ऐसे क्षण भी आ जाते हैं
जब हम अपने से ही अपनी–बीती कहने लग जाते हैं।

तन खोया-खोया-सा लगता मन उर्वर-सा हो जाता है
कुछ खोया-सा मिल जाता है कुछ मिला हुआ खो जाता है।

लगता; सुख-दुख की स्मृतियों के कुछ बिखरे तार बुना डालूँ
यों ही सूने में अंतर के कुछ भाव-अभाव सुना डालूँ

कवि की अपनी सीमाऍं है कहता जितना कह पाता है
कितना भी कह डाले, लेकिन-अनकहा अधिक रह जाता है

यों ही चलते-फिरते मन में बेचैनी सी क्यों उठती है?
बसती बस्ती के बीच सदा सपनों की दुनिया लुटती है

जो भी आया था जीवन में यदि चला गया तो रोना क्या?
ढलती दुनिया के दानों में सुधियों के तार पिरोना क्या?

जीवन में काम हजारों हैं मन रम जाए तो क्या कहना!
दौड़-धूप के बीच एक-क्षण, थम जाए तो क्या कहना!

कुछ खाली खाली होगा ही जिसमें निश्वास समाया था,
उससे ही सारा झगड़ा है जिसने विश्वास चुराया था

फिर भी सूनापन साथ रहा तो गति दूनी करनी होगी,
साँचे के तीव्र-विवर्त्तन से मन की पूनी भरनी होगी

जो भी अभाव भरना होगा चलते-चलते भर जाएगा,
पथ में गुनने बैठूँगा तो जीना दूभर हो जाएगा।

By shivmangal Singh suman…🌿. November 28,2020.

Desire 2…🌿

O dear, my old days. Can you revive for once. It is not that my present is bad, but yes, it is ever sad. I’m strong and confident from before, But how can I show and tell to all I got it from you.

O dear, my old days Can you revive for once. I accept all my mistakes, that I really done. But still i want to repite them again. Yes I don’t want to improve my mistake that I did with few. Because, then it taught me, to love, cheer and true and now honesty, dream and again true.

So, I wish. O dear, my old days Can you revive for once with few.

By Garima,garima@diaries…🌿 November 25,2019.

I Will Remember.. 🌿

Sit down near to me and show me you care,
Say that you love me and that you’ll always be there.
I can’t forget you, so won’t you come back again..
I don’t want to believe that you’re already dead.
These moments i’m living are so hard to understand,
And it just gets more harder whenever it rains.
Don’t make an excuse now sayin i’m a strong man..
I’ve been stronger as much as i can.

I need your love now, don’t wana hear anything.
Need to feel your soft touch, all over my skin.
Why should i lose you girl..should i lose all my feelings?
I’ll love you forever, i don’t care what is love’s meaning.

I’ll remember everything that you said..
Everything that you meant to me will always be same.
And i believe that one day we’ll meet again.
Till then i’ll remember evrything that you said..
I’ll remember everything that you said…

i’ll remember, evrything that we’ve shared.

by Menime Soul… November 21.